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Rookdale Mission is a two hour journey by car from Durban.
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"If it wasn't for the support of generous people like you, I wouldn't be a priest today."
– Fr Sifiso

Father Sifiso Mpanza was born into a traditional Zulu family, with no religious connections. But his aunt was married to a Catholic and one Sunday, Sifiso went with her and her family to Mass.

Afterwards, he couldn't get the experience out of his mind. Not only did he want the Eucharist, he wanted to do what he had seen the parish priest, Father O'Hara doing.

His aunt explained that he would have to become a Catholic first ... be baptised, then go to the seminary. Sifiso's father was vehemently opposed to this. He saw church as a waste of time and contrary to the traditional Zulu ways.

DonateBut with determination and prayer, Sifiso was eventually baptised ... and so were his mother and siblings. He became a member of the catechetical group of the parish, and after studying at the Seminary for seven years, was ordained priest in January 2009.

This Easter, thanks in no small part to Fr Sifiso's work, 52 candidates from his parish and its six outstations he serves will be baptised. A further 8 people who left the Church in their teens have found their way back through the Missions.

And yet, if it wasn't for the support of people like you in the past, Father Sifiso wouldn't even be a priest.

Your gift to the Zulu Missions has the power to change lives ... and bring the Easter message into far flung areas of our Archdiocese.

So please will you make your special Easter donation online right now? Your gift will shine a beacon of hope especially for people who are spiritually lost, alone and afraid.

And on Easter morning, when you raise your voice in song and prayers of thanksgiving, you'll know that here in Africa, other people are also receiving the joyous Easter message ... because of your support.

If you would like prayers for your special intentions to be included in our special Easter Mass for Mission friends, please click here.


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