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Sometimes when we are generous in small barely detectable ways it can change someone elses life forever- Margaret Cho.
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'I have a dream'

These words are written in history – but Cardinal Napier has a dream just as real as that of Martin Luther King Jr., who wanted to make major change happen.

"My dream is to build an Education Trust Fund, dedicated to giving promising but poor learners the opportunity to go to good Catholic or other schools, with a record of academic excellence and the right core values", the Cardinal said.

"And Iím hoping youíll share my dream."

DonateSadly, twenty years into democracy, South Africa is again experiencing circumstances reminiscent of Apartheid, especially in our deteriorating education system.

Our young people are being robbed of their potential to become the leaders, the professionals, and the skilled workforce that will change our country into a world leader. This is especially so on the missions where great poverty exists.

Please will you partner with the Cardinal to build an Education Trust Fund that will cover scholarships for poor, but promising learners?

The Cardinal himself was schooled by the Holy Cross Sisters at primary level, before being handed on to the Precious Blood Sisters at Little Flower High School, Ixopo. It was only when he began his novitiate at the University of Ireland in Galway that he realised his education was as good as, if not better than, what was on offer elsewhere in the world.

This is the education he dreams of for poor children on the Missions. And he needs your help to make it possible.

So please will you make your donation online now?

And, if you would like prayers for your special intentions to be included in our special Mass for Mission friends, please click here.


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