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Rookdale Mission is a two hour journey by car from Durban.
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Ash Wednesday: 18 February

As we begin the solemn period of Lent, Catholics around the world are planning to use this time to grow and nurture their Faith, in preparation for the Holy Feast of Easter.

Among other things, you might consider:

  • Set aside a fixed time each day for prayer – this can be brief, but keep it faithfully;
  • In the same brief, regular way, read the scriptures. You might like to read a chapter of a given book every day, or read and reflect on passages such as John 1, Romans 12-14, Matthew 5-7 and John 14-17;
  • Whatever you do, be faithful to Christ's gospel in thought, word and action;
  • Participate in weekly Lenten services, going to Confession and receiving Holy Communion frequently;
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, forgive all those who have offended you. But just as important, seek forgiveness from those whom you have offended;
  • Fast as fully as possible;
  • Give to others, asking nothing in return.

Because Lent is not only about self-denial, it's also an opportunity to share with those in any kind of material, emotional and spiritual need.

Pope Francis has continually shown us the way; it is not enough, he tells us, simply to pray for the poor – we need to try and find ways to be among them, just as Jesus did in those moments when they needed Him most.

DonateThere are many, many poor people on the Zulu Mission, who are no strangers to sacrifice ... to going without ... and to living with none of the modern comforts most of us take for granted. If we cannot be with them in person, we can share with them in spirit – by helping to improve their lives in some small way.

Please consider making a special Lenten offering to help less fortunate people living on the Missions.

Help provide spiritual and physical comfort to those in need – perhaps in the form of a food parcel, loving arms to comfort an orphaned child, nursing care for someone who’s sick or aged, or the chance for a child to go to school.

God bless you and give you all the graces you need to make this a blessed and sacred time for Our Lord and His Church.

If you would like prayers for your special intentions to be included in our monthly Mass for Mission friends, please click here.


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